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Island Information

Spetses is a beautiful and cosmopolitan greek island, it is one of the most visited islands for a weekend away and for summer vacation. It's green scenery, the pine-clad beaches and scenery and crystal water make it a splendid stay. The historical character of Spetses can be seen with representative buildings and streets in every single corner. This is why many writers and famous artists, loved, lived and inspired through Spetses, contributing thus to Spetses cultural background.undefined

People are friendly and ready to guide the visitors to the historical, cultural and natural beauties of the island, and offer fresh fish and anything that the island can offer. In Spetses many times you feel that you lose the sense of time.

The population of Spetses should be around 4100 people that live at the town centre. Back in time it is used to to be called "Pitiousa" which means pine-clad. This name must have been used for 300 years until the byzantine years. Todays name has been given probably by the Venetians who used to call it "Isola di Spezzie" which means the scented island because of nice scents of plants. It is very easy to reach Spetses because it has transportation services to the port of Piraeus (with regular boats, flying dolphins and catamaran - with the last 2 it will only be around 2 hours trip). You can also reach the island with a car leaving it at a parking area at Costa in Peloponnesus and just cross to Spetses with a taxi boat or caique or ferry which will also be just minutes.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Spetses Town Hall: 22980 - 72225, 72588
Police: 22980 -73100
Medical Centre: 22980 - 72472
Port police of Pireus: 210 4511311-7
Port Police of Spetses: 22980 - 72245, 74416
Horse-Cab: 22980-73171
Taxi: 22980 - 72072
Flying Dolphines: 210-4226395, 210-4199950
Flying Dolphines Spetses: 22980-73141